An Introduction for Days


I have always liked history, unfortunately history didn't reciprocate my feelings. Dates, numbers and names don't mix well within my head. Add in a bad memory and you get a recipe for how to receive just a passing grade. Still, I enjoy the subject. I would cherish the ability to better remember all of this information. What a gift it would be to have the skill to make connections between one event to another. Understanding why an episode happened. To get a better appreciation of what people endured during a given time.

The poetry contained in this “book” is my small way of recording history. Obviously it is the history of my family, those around me and myself. Poems from my other books also can contain history, but these are specifically written to record events and times.

When I last tried my hand at writing poetry, back in ancient times, it was for fun and therapeutic reasons. Now that I'm back at it again, I find I'm writing for these same reasons. Must be history is repeating itself. It seems history never learns, or maybe I never learn. Whichever is the case, I'm once again enjoying the challenges that come with writing. Trying say something in a unique way, with very few words, with carefully chosen words. Words that cause the minds eye to see an image from the past in today's present.

The driving force behind this revival was a blog posting of mine called He Never Had Ketchup Again. This posting resulted from my dad's passing early in 2015. Originally I thought this was going to stay a posting. Then a crazy idea got ahold of me, convert this posting into a poem. From there, the whole concept of writing poetry again quickly developed. I very much enjoyed creating that posting. Also, dealing with the feelings that resulted from this loss became easier as I wrote it.

I knew more emotional issues would arise from dads passing as well dealing with things settling his estate and Mom's needs. Writing poetry would become one of the outlets for dealing with the ups and downs along with all these stresses. Having all those earlier poems to choose from was comforting, but creating new material,  was the big draw. Because of this, I decided to continue writing poetry. Soon afterward, the poetry quarter of my web site was created. From there these “poetry books” emerged. When the blog posting was converted into a poem, it was placed into another “book” called Never Went Home Again.

This “poetry book” arose from a chance evening when mom and I were sitting outside on her back porch just as the sun was about to set. From those brief few minutes the poem, Dusk, Thursday, July 30, 2015, was born. That lead straight to this book, snap shots of days now past.

These poems will come slowly since I am looking for days out of the ordinary. Ones with a life changing event or are special for some other reason. Both good and bad. When I'm writing these I try to think of it as a single paragraph. So if you took the individual lines and put them together, a paragraph would be formed. I am not planning inventing any of these “Days” poems. They will all always be about actual events that happened on a given day. No artificial flavoring or coloring.

I will easily admit, these poems may not be all that good, no prize winning poems may be coming from this little corner of the world. I will do my very best in writing them, but the priority is simply releasing the pent up stresses, worries and anxieties.

Thank you for your interest. Thank you for letting me indulge myself. Mostly, I thank you for sharing this journey even though I might not have been the best of company. Your companionship has meant the world to me.



Doug Thornhill (dct)