A Clean Break

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A Clean Break

I write this with a heavy heart. I have decided to end my photographing of the John Glenn High School girls’ soccer games. With Fran and Todd deciding to end their coaching, Paul getting married and moving to Maine, and the many others who have been helping over the years also ending their involvement, I thought it was time to end mine and move on. This will make it a clean break, making it easier for the new head coach to build the girls’ soccer program as they see fit.

To the girls who have been thinking I would be out photographing them and now knowing I will not be, I am very truly sorry that will not be happening.

Sometimes life will force you to move on, like it or not (mostly not), as some of you are becoming aware of, or did become aware of because of your graduation. Other times it will just seem right to move on, to explore new opportunities and adventures, and for me this is one of them. The time to move on is now.

I will keep many wonderful memories from this experience. From lying in snow taking the Field of Dreams shots to pink tee shirts. The sight of pure joy in the many faces I photographed to the looks utter disappointment. Games played in rain, wind, heat, cold and sun. But mostly I will always remember the women of these teams.

Such as Tory Montgomery being well, Tory, no matter the color of her hair.

How Autumn Glyscz found out on the night of a stadium game that a very close friend had been killed in a car accident just a few hours earlier. How she played as if nothing had happened, until the game was over and she finally broke down, as did the rest of the team once they found out. I posted a photo from that game in remembrance of her friend's passing.

Rachel Reinhardt and the intensity with which she played the game.

Meagan Chartier and how she liked my fisheye lens. Freaking her out by letting her use it at a few of the banquet dinners.

Jordan Michalsky. Jordan, Jordan, Jordan, to bring your “new born baby” out to a game on a rainy day! What were you thinking?

Kaitlyn Tobin. She just wanted to play and play hard. I still simile when I look at the fisheye lens photos of her in the team shoots at the end of her first stadium game. When everyone else was being silly, she had a look of “what have I gotten myself into and who are these people?!”

Tiffany Kostus. All I can say about Tiffany is “don't mess with Tiff”!

Becky Techlin and her many hair dos and swim team tee shirts.

The Kemmer sisters. Two totally different personalities but archiving the same goals. Kristen, the very quite one compared to Sarah the very outgoing one. Yet both having fun all along the way in their own ways.

Chelsearae Rowley and her infectious smile. I could have easily done one whole gallery on her smiles alone!

There are so many more young women I could have mentioned but I wanted to only show I was aware of the dramas, personalities and stories happening just beyond my camera's lens.

I sweated and shivered during these many seasons and enjoyed every moment of it. I didn't make much of money from this but it was never really about that. It was more about meeting new people and watching young people grow all the while capturing it all in very short bits and prices of time. Along with helping out a good friend.

The look of the web site will change over the years but I have no intentions of ever removing the soccer photos. So, with any luck you will be able to show your kids and grandkids photos from a time in your life when you and your team mates ruled a soccer field.

So now I'm going from a fly around the soccer field to a footnote in this soccer program......right below all your winning stats.....

I would love to hear how everyone is doing so drop me an email if you ever find the time.

I wish all the very best and thank you for letting me be a small part of your time at John Glenn.


P.S. The Photographer’s Wife, who was able to attend some of the games through the years, thoroughly loved watching all of you play.  Even though she did not get to know you as Doug did, she loved watching you play—your sheer love of the game, you sportsmanship, your talents, the way you got on with each other, playing as the team that you are—it was a joy to watch. She joins with Doug in wishing you all the best in your journey through this life.


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