A New Year

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A New Year

If you are living under a rock, having been able to cut all ties to the world, both real and on-line, except for my little web site and its blog, with it being your only link to what is happening outside of your rocky home, let me be the first inform you, a new year has dawned! For the rest of you who have been unable to find that kind joy and freedom, myself included, my wish is one day you find that feeling and your shoulders are laid bare. So please keep looking.

Congratulations to all in surviving what 2012 threw out, including a modern world thinking it understood that an ancient Mayan calendar was predicting the world would end this year. What were we thinking? Silly us, there is still too much to photograph for the world to end! Sadly once there is no more to photograph, then and only then will the world truly end.

Ok, so now that is out of the way, I ask a simple question, what are you going to do with this year? I feel about the beginning of a year just the same as I do at the beginning of a vacation. On the first day I have a mind set that there will be plenty of time to photograph everything I want to and with time left over to nap the afternoons away. By the second to last day I am left wondering what has happened to all that time I had just a few days ago! So, before Thanksgiving is rolling around and bringing the notion that time is again short and opportunities were missed, I have created a New Year's “Strategies and Goals List”. Resolutions never work for me, too black and white and constraining. I like to live mostly in the grey and mid tone areas.

First off is the goal to “start being less me”. Don't worry about that one, because I do mostly understand it. But simply put, I need to rid myself of some personal baggage and dumb rules. Check, personal junk out of the way, moving on.

Next I want to write shorter blogs postings starting with this one. Yes, I know I said that about my last one and see where it got me? Hey it's a new year, a chance for a fresh start...again, so I can say that.

New styles and techniques will be tried. I have a few new techniques to try this year. Two are a bit abstract. Also, I plan on doing more with long exposures during the day. I will be getting two solid neutral density filters, one that is 3 stops dark and the other 6 stops dark. Working on these new styles and techniques I'm sure new mistakes will happen. In addition, old and new problems will be meet and overcome. Learning should never end. I can't wait!

With my advanced age, old lessens will have to be relearned. Just kidding about the advanced age. Because of writing these blogs I have had to really stop and think about how I go about shooting. With my shooting style evolving to the point were it had become almost as nature as breathing, I had to slow myself down remembering all the small steps involved. Sometimes finding out that I had started using poor techniques or had gotten a bit rusty, ok lazy if you must know. So this year I will be working on improving techniques and composure. Learning should never end. I can't wait!

Another goal for me this year to shoot new in places. I tend to get into ruts, bad, bad, bad! One of my biggest new locations will be 10 days in Ireland! The lovely Kath and I will be traveling there with my bother and his wife for our 30th wedding anniversaries. I have my list of what equipment I will be taking already made. I'll work on that clothes one later. Hey, the important one is done! After that, I will be looking around for new locations and subject nearer to home base.

And last, shooting the subjects that didn't get covered last year because hey, I have plenty of time left, right? Yet a mountain will last a life time but that lone tree hanging over a cliff edge may not make it another year. A field will very slowly change over the years but that run down barn in it may collapse in next winter's snow taking with it a beautiful subject. Yes, a completely new look to the barn will be created but the other one is lost forever. Time and subjects wait for no one.

So I asked again, what are you going to do with this new year? Please, do anything with the time that has been given except waste it.

P.S. If your were living under a rock and didn't know about this Mayan calendar thing, don't worry you didn't miss anything. The Y2K thing that sent you running for the rocks in the first place was far worst.



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