dusk, thursday, july 30, 2015


Mom and I sat outside on her back porch for about and hour watching the evening's clouds roll past.

The day's sun was setting, turning off white clouds into soft pastel shades of yellow and orange.

It had been a very hot, humid week.

Tonight though, the evening's air was warm, dry with a pleasant breeze.

Just perfect for taking in this twilight's dance of clouds.

We didn't talk much, a question here and there.

A few times she repeated a question or said the same statement a few times.

No matter, tonight all was very relaxing.

Never would this happen at her house again I knew while sitting there with her.

In about 10 days she would be moving out and into an assisted living facility.

After that a memory unit.

This was what my brother, sister and myself had been working toward since my dads passing in late February.

Even before his passing everyone knew this day was coming, it had been for the last few years.

Mom's only wish was for the move to happen at Summer's end.

We came very close to fulfilling that wish.

She probably would not remember this night, but that didn't matter.

What mattered is that it happened.

I started thinking about my life's history at that house along with hers.

The meals, skinned knees, the groundings, birthdays and events that had made her family one.

I became somber thinking that over 50 years of life were just memories now.

Mom's were fading fast and mine were becoming misplaced.

But tonight I was at peace with the situation.

At peace knowing all she could have given to us, was.

At peace knowing all that could have been done for her, was.

I exhale slowly as one last summer breeze gently passes us by.

Clouds began filling with evening's darkness as the sun's last rays fell from the sky.


doug thornhill (dct)