first thanksgiving, november 26, 2015


Very comforting the sand around our heads had become.

Hope last thanksgiving was life would remain untouched.

Yes, dad's surgery was soon and mom's memory indeed was worsening.

Such a foolish notion that soon would be shown as.

Just how much our world would change in the coming year, fate nicely hid.

A casual overnight rain started this brave new world's first Thanksgiving.

By morning's light it had stopped, yet all remained damp durning the day's entirely.

A fitting way to usher in this start upon our unexplored land.

Stuffed the turkey became with sliced lime, orange and lemon.

It's stuffing cooked along side.

While wonderful scents filled our house I rescued mom from her care facility.

She enjoyed being out at our home for the day.

Dad spoke his final grace last Thanksgiving.

So with a gentle musical backdrop it fell to me for our gathering of three.

Turkey, stuffing, squash, corn casserole, mashed potatoes with gravy were enjoyed.

Coconut cream pie then topped off this seasonal feast.

Kath's brother John later joined us.

After dinner texting became allowed.

With FaceTime mom saw her grandkids along with Lisa.

Gary went old school talking to mom on a plain old telephone.

Watched a little football and witnessed a Lion's win!

After a busy afternoon it was time for mom's return.

Her fellow residents were just assembling for dinner as we arrived.

Goodbyes were said and she joined them for a quiet evening meal.

Stopped at dad's mausoleum to give him thanks for all he had done.

From risking his life during the war to raising and putting us though school.

Helping us with our needs and teaching about celebrating this day of thanks.

So on this first Thanksgiving, I humbly say thank you to all and wish peace this night.


doug thornhill (dct)