Full Moon Of String

A good friend sent me a screenshot of a painting she came across thinking I would like it. I very much did and thanked her profusely for sending it. Not only did I love it, I also made it the wallpaper for my phone. Understand, not since my first smartphone, many years and phones ago, have I changed my phone’s wallpaper. I never felt the desire to, having originally used a photograph of mine.

You may be wondering just what was the painting that caused this momentous event? Something by M.C. Escher perhaps? You would think. Or a melting clock by Salvador Dali? Nice thought. Maybe an impressionistic painting of water lilies? Wait, it had to be a Van Gogh painting, right? You always loved the song, “Vincent ( Starry, Starry Night )” by Don McLean? I do.

Yet, wrong, wrong, wrong and no.

It was a painting by the artist Mirsad Agic named “A Kittens Dream”. So in a thousand words or less, indulge me as I try to create an image in your mind’s eye. To start with it is a nightscape done with a little soft, dreamy effect. I would say the time to be around midnight or a little after. The view overlooks a town somewhere in Europe judging by a few medieval looking towers. In the lower left corner sits a kitten atop a titled roof building. Above in a blue/dark blue sky surrounded by soft points of star light, gently floats a very large glowing full moon. The kitten is softly lit by the moonlight as are other roofs and buildings. With big yellow eyes he looks skyward at this very large and bright full moon. Because it is a little kitten gazing, it's not really the moon but a big ball of string. Kittens must dream of this.

This painting makes me both sad and happy. On the sadder side, I see a few possible storylines. First, I can see in this painting an unfillable dream. For whatever reason, this kitten dreams simply for a ball of string to play with. Yet, he has none. Maybe once he did, only it has become lost. Or could it be he saw other kittens playing with a ball of string and wishes for one he can call his own. Last, I see a lost little kitten who could be dreaming of his home and ball of string longing to be played with. Something he may never do again. He represents all kittens that may never know the joy a ball of string can bring. From attaching a ferocious beast to grabbing the string in it’s mouth then wildly running and jumping about completely unwinding the ball. Ultimately becoming entangled in it.

Then there is a happier view, one not as dark. The little kitten is not lost at all. Happily he sits atop his home. Being nocturnal at heart, he is up and about at midnight hunting for the perfect perch on a warm, clear summer’s night in order to survey his domain. To look down upon any stirring creature. Dogs, mice, pigs, birds and people. In his mind all is as it should be, below him.

Being a cat, he has many dreams. To grow as big as a lion. Run as fast as a cheetah. Have stripes like a tiger. To take down the biggest prey that walks the plains, say an elephant for example. But for now, he’s willing to take a big ball of string. He has a good home, warm, safe and dry. He hunts mice in between lazy day naps and is fed every night. His home is filled with toys and places to explored. Tucked in a corner, a ball of string waits but has grown small from many a wrestling match. So now he dreams for a big ball of string. One so big that it can never be lost. One big enough to be climbed atop. One made from a never ending string. One that glows during that darkest of night. One that brings comfort and joy. One that he can curl up under and sleep the day away with. One he could name Meow.

This dream maybe carried his whole life for the large moon ball is just out of reach. Being a kitten means never to stop trying. “Giving up” is a phrase unknown to or not understood by cats. Every chance that arises he climbs to this perch to look upon his goal. Some nights he just looks up, thinking of ways to catch that floating ball. Or of what he will do with it once it becomes his. Other times he simply leaps as high as he can trying to snag it with razor sharp claws. He will continue doing this because he knows nothing else. He may have more failures then successes durning his life, but he knows success only comes to the cats that try. It is in his DNA just as the hunt is.

Doug Thornhill (dct)