that naming names tells more of my own than theirs.
to recognize loyalty over love.
that "keeping it real" is a full time job.
to curse quiet and make silence scream.
that bad times can bring a life sentence.
to keep gloves dirty and my hands clean.
that pride and promises will let me down.
to play safe but never lose.
that "playing it off" is no game at all.
to survive off hope.
that grave yards only disturb our own bones.
to rest, never sleep.
that dirt roads wind down to rough paths.
to dance with the devil but never welcome hell.
that desperate times temp desperate measures.
to hold on when losing grip.
that the hottest love burns the longest.
to breath in after the winds knocked out.
that rock bottom is solid enough to build on.
to stay high but never judge the low.
that the important things can all fit in a suit case.
to go to bed when the sun comes up.
that the most interesting people are awake at 3am.
to let dark times shine truth.
that late calls come too soon.
to give second, second chances.
that life is crazy.
to live hard and love soft.
and most of all; that a problem child, was no problem at all.