remembering her gramps


a very good friend's grandfather
passed away a year ago today
gramps she did call him

a farm's childhood made him strong
working manure spreaders
in the Great Depression he endured

marching under Patton
saw a world outside that farm
during the War he fought so bravely in

countless souls that farm boy helped liberate
returned home without a second thought
to family land his freedom sought

just off a dirt road he came to live
enjoying the company of birds
more then most people he meet

had wives out lived them all
rolls of duct tape his tool of choice
able to make sailors blush, he taught her well

in a world she couldn't control
with beers, smokes and a calming voice
he was a rock

great grandkids she now takes
to visit his final resting place
leaving gifts, telling tales of an adventurous life

his life astounded her
his stories touched her
his time to short with her

in the blink of an eye a year did pass
missing him more with each rising sun
she knows he waits with new phrases to teach

still everyday she thinks of him
still in her phone his number resides
still remembers telling him goodbye


doug thornhill (dct)