saturday, december 5, 2015


Today became a one year anniversary.

Last year this day created the foundation of a continuing loss.

This prominence would not be acquire until almost 3 months later.

A surgery would be performed for a tumor's removal then.

It's discovery was made in October.

At first, recovery was normal, progress was made.

Days soon turned to weeks.

Weeks in turn became months.

Good days came, followed of course very poor ones.

Slowly good days became fewer and farther apart.

While poor days became stronger and lasted longer. 

Christmas, New Years and Valentine's Day celebrations barely happened.

Observances seemed to be done more out of habit then anything else.

Example, a few gifts were exchanged but trees were never trimmed.

Briefly we were able to forget our worries of the missing loved one.

After almost 90 days of drugs, tubes and medical sounds, dad slipped beyond us.

Now one year later the anniversaries start.

First events without dad have already happened though.

Birthdays, wedding anniversaries, trips.

Sadly, one wedding anniversary would never be celebrated again.

It's final card exchange and dinner had slipped pass without much notice. 

Other holidays came and went.

As did spring, summer and fall.

A first winter will be starting soon.

All is getting easier but all is not the same.

It never would be.

On this first anniversary, all is quiet on the home front.


doug thornhill (dct)