a tradition rite was born
thanksgiving dinner
with friends and family
many years back

preformed the night before;
bread ripped and torn,
potatoes peeled then mashed,
vegetables cooked, simmered

rising early thanksgiving day,
joining other kitchens aglow,
cleaned and started a turkey was
well before golden rays shown

stuffed with stuffin'
fashioned of bread, spices,
celery, onions, a touch of lemon,
warmed bacon grease drizzled

slipping back into bed
awakened later by
wonderful scents
warming the house

friends and family arrived with
plates to share, plates to pass;
corn casserole,
sweet potatoes and jello salad,
pies of apples, cherries, pumpkin

squash, cranberry sauce
sweet pickles, rolls
peas, carrots, green beans
garnish and mix on every plate

extra tables were set about
as large gatherings would require;
chairs came borrowed
then dad said grace

obsolete extra tables slowly became
new commitments arose,
less chairs became needed
for attending guests

until two just remained
a wife, a husband with hungry cats,
still enjoying thanksgiving day
all the same

giving thanks
for what they have received,
cherished friends, loving families
a full life together


doug thornhill (dct)