Doug Thornhill Photography LLC

May 2018

Yes, yes I know. Sorry. I’ve been busy. Not an excuse, just an explanation. Upgrading equipment, iMac, camera, software and lenses. I’m not saying any of this will make me a better photographer, that is for the world to decide. Along with all this editing and posting, I did a baby shoot! I know, I know! But I could not have done it without my great friend Meg!

I am almost though my backlog, less then 100 photos to edit and post. I hope that never happens again. The look of the web site got a few changes. One of the biggest addition was creating a gallery called Archive. It can be found as the last option in the Galleries pull down menu. This gallery holds older galleries. My intent was was to simplify all my galleries by removing the very old photos, only displaying the most recent works. These older galleries were moved to this gallery for archiving. Don’t worry, nothing was deleted. All my oldies but goodies are still available for viewing and purchasing.

I have decided to create in mostly black and white, with a few colors scattered about. I have also decided to reduce the number of iPhone/Hipstamaic photos that will be posted.

If you don’t want to plow through the whole web site to look around, there two cliffs notes options. First is to use the Recent Photo Posting option at the top of the page. This page displays the galleries most recently added to or created. The other is to check out my Instagram account, where I tease with a few photos. As always, thanks for you support and enjoy!