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Past Announcements



Hello! Yup it has been awhile! So sorry. As you can see the web site looks a bit different. I had been thinking it needed a fresher look for awhile, starting with the slideshow. I was playing around with some of the options my hosting service offers, found one and tried it. I didn't like it but stupid me, I saved the site with this new look, so there was no going back. All the content is still here and in the same places. Also the pull down menu have been consolidated. As for new content, I have only had time to add some iPhone photos and some writings. Enjoy!


Happy New Years! Well lets see what is this year brings. I hope a good year for all! I haver been adding more poems every month. I have rearranged my poetry areas. They are listed as “books”, bad ramblingsnever went home againdaysoutside looking in and guest poets. I have also bee getting more photos posted, mostly iPhone photos. I did shoot a friends band, Feeding The Machine, and those photos have been posted. So check out the Recent Photo Postings page to see what is new! Have a great year, and may the Force be with you!




Just a short note. I now have three poems written by myself and one written by a guest poet on my Poetry side of the web site. I still plan on releasing a new poem once a month. So look for the Poetry menu option under or next to the “Galleries” option. These pages have a different look to them. Please, enjoy these ramblings!


Since I enjoyed writing May’s Blog posting, "He Never Had Ketchup Again”, a tribute to my late father, I started thinking I wanted open a new area on my site. Long ago and far way and a few life times ago I played around writing poetry. Never did anything with it, just used it as a creative outlet. So I thought it would be nice to publish what I had written. Once a month I’ll release a new poem. Some will be from that distance time and others are going to be new. This will be my creative outlet for now. Look for the Poetry menu option under or next to the “Galleries” option. These pages have a different look to them. Please, enjoy these ramblings!


Yes, I know I have been very bad in posting any new material, from my blog to photos. I have no good answer for this. Yet, I see the fog of life starting to clear and finding time to start adding new material. The first of this is a blog posting for my father who passed away in February 2015. It is a simple writing, just thoughts of what he never will be able to do again and what is he doing now. Here is the link to this posting, "He Never Had Ketchup Again". Again, thank you for your support over the years, it means the world to me.



In the month of July, Tall Ships made port in Bay City for a few days in the year 2013. Bay City was just one stop in the Tall Ship Celebration that year. These ships stop by about every 3 or 4 years. So of course I took my camera and a few lens up to Bay City to see what trouble I could get myself into. I came away with many shots! Fast forward to October 2014 and I have finally had a time to edit and post these photos. Enjoy!


This is an unusual occurrence, I shot and posted photos from an event all in the same day….not my usual a year later timetable! The lovely Kath and myself went to the Frankenmuth classic car show and for this year I shot the cars with my iPhone using the app Hipstamatic. Many settings were used and many photos taken. In all, 100 photos were kept and placed into two galleries, iPhone #1 and iPhone #2. Too many tire photos were kept but I wanted the soreness in my legs to mean something! Enjoy!

Ok a few things. First, I have started working on my long exposure photos I call the The Shadow Light Project again. Please check out what has been posted so far. Remember, I will be adding to them from time to time. Enjoy!


In June the lovely Kath and I flew to North Carolina for my niece Jessica's high school graduation. Just in time for her to start college at East Carolina University, I have posted the photos I took of the event. Though this was a family gathering, you are most welcome to look them over. Enjoy!

I have posted the photos for the Bay City Fireworks. I hope you enjoy checking them out as much as I did in taking and working on them.


I have posted all the photos for the Bay City River Roar. I hope you enjoy checking them out!


Ok, so it has taking me awhile to publish a new blog posting. Well shock of shocks I have indeed and this one is entailed "The Writing Of A Posting". I hope everyone enjoys it!